TJ reports impressive social value score

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently reported our first social value score and are able to provide this as part of our offering going forward at clients’ request. This score demonstrates the social value that we’re adding to the clients’ area of operation, in terms of ‘giving something back’.

The fact that TJ is now able to report on social value scores for individual contracts in both the local authority and commercial sectors, will provide even higher return on investment for companies utilising TJ’s services.

TJ won a commercial waste management contract last year and the client asked TJ to report on their social value score to show that they are dedicated to supporting the local area.

This social value score is also referred to as the TOMS Framework, an initiative that was launched at the National Social Value Conference in November 2017, and updated in January 2020.  

The aim of the National TOMs Framework is to provide a minimum reporting standard for measuring social value. It can be applied to any project and provides an easy to use solution for organisations starting out on their journey to embed social value into their procurement and management processes. For organisations that are more advanced, it is hoped that integrating these standards into their measurement approach as a minimum will improve their offering.

The main benefits of this social value reporting standard are that it provides a consistent approach to measuring and reporting social value, allows for continuous improvement, assists in assessing and awarding tenders and allows organisations to compare their own performance to others.

TJ’s first social value score has received positive feedback from the client as the figure far exceeded the recommended 10% of the annual contract value. This figure is expected to rise further once TJ has finished logging a few other outstanding elements.

As a company, you are awarded value based on a number of factors including: the number of people employed in the area, how many local apprentices you employ, whether you employ ex-forces personnel or people from minority groups, how many hours you commit to volunteering causes, charitable donations you’ve made and savings on CO2 emissions.

TJ regularly donates goods and services to worthy local causes as well as their time transporting those goods to where they’re needed. Some examples of this include:

TJ has pledged to donate 30 volunteering hours per month to worthy causes, which could be anything from litter picking, delivering free materials to community projects or partnering with like-minded organisations to provide services. TJ has proposed being partnered with local schools to assist school pupils with careers activities such as CV workshops, mock interviews and providing business-related advice.

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Luke Haskell
5 May 2021