Dibles Wharf: Materials Recovery Facility in Southampton

Dibles Wharf is one of TJ’s four Materials Recovery Facilities dotted along the south coast. It’s a place where waste is received or taken to for sorting and onward recycling.

TJ recycles or reuses up to 100% of the waste they process, which is extremely impressive and shows that they are doing all they can to divert waste from landfill. As well as the standard waste streams of paper, cardboard, wood, metal and glass, TJ also recycle materials such as rubble, soil and concrete.

Dibles is used by third party commercial businesses, many of whom are in the construction industry, as well as TJ themselves, who bring back all the waste from their depots and contract work for sorting and recycling. A lot of the contract work is commercial waste management contracts, which could be regular waste removal carried out for local companies or events such as the Great South Run and Victorious Festival.

Dibles is located in Northam, Southampton, so it is very accessible to companies in and around the Southampton area, with easy access via the M27 and A3024.

TJ Operations Manager Jason Strudwick, oversees the running of all four Materials Recovery Facilities. He said: “We strive to recycle as much as we can. Our main aims are to provide an excellent service to our customers using our sites, to follow the waste hierarchy and to keep waste going to landfill as close to zero as possible.”

What happens at Dibles?

There are picking stations that staff man to sort the waste into different streams. They will sort through the waste, segregating it into different areas using chutes to make the process simple and efficient. Machinery and vehicles are used to lift, move and transport waste around the site and get it ready for its onward journey.

Once sorted, the different recyclables such as paper and cardboard, upvc, wood and bricks will be bundled and secured and taken off site by our drivers for recycling at stations in Hampshire and beyond.

The inert waste such as rubble, soil and concrete are taken to TJ’s Butser Quarry and crushed into useful aggregates such as 6F5 crushed concrete, 6F5 track ballast, type 1 crushed concrete, type 1 reclamix and screened soil.

Our staff

Dibles is staffed by 12 experienced employees. They consist of a site foreman, a weighbridge operator, four drivers and and six site operatives, who work together to ensure a first-class service.

What sort of companies use Dibles?

  • Groundworks companies with inert waste such as rubble, concrete and bricks.
  • Construction companies bring inert waste, wood and plasterboard.
  • Builders who are carrying our renovation work – so we could receive all sorts of waste from wood, bricks and carpets to the kitchen sink!
  • Councils and large public organisations when they’re collecting residential or commercial waste.
  • Landscape gardeners who need to dispose of soil, turf, rubble and fencing.
  • Any commercial business with waste to dispose of!

Let us help!

TJ offer skip hire and commercial waste management to businesses big and small. We can help your business manage its waste effectively and efficiently. From something as simple as a single skip, right up to a number of waste streams in multiple locations. TJ can help you create a Site Waste Management Plan if you need one and organise weekly or regular collections of different types of waste including general, recyclables, hazardous and WEEE.

Take a look on our map to see where Dibles is and get in touch to find out more about the services TJ can offer your business.

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