Get your garden ship shape for summer!

The Great British Weather doesn’t always allow us to fully enjoy our gardens, so when the sun does dare to peek out from behind the clouds, we should be ready for it!

If you haven’t got your garden sorted for summer yet, relax, it’s not too late! Whatever you want from your garden, our 5 top tips should give you the push you need to get started. Follow one or more of our tips to achieve your ultimate outdoor space and make the most of your garden in the warmer months.

1. Full clearance

Do you find your garden unbearable to look at? Is it so full of old junk that you could never enjoy sitting out there? If so, it sounds like you might need to give it the full clearance treatment.

During the winter months you may be able to close the doors and forget about the carnage that is the garden, but when summer arrives, you want to throw open the doors and embrace the great outdoors!

Start by assessing the garden:

  • What stuff needs to go?
  • Which areas of the garden need attention?
  • Is it something you can do yourself or will you need friends and family to help?
  • What’s your budget?
  • How long do you think it’ll take?
  • When are you planning to start?

Once you’ve reclaimed the space you can add the finishing touches needed to make your garden an enjoyable place to be once more.

2. Shed clear out

If your garden isn’t that bad and perhaps just needs more routine maintenance, there’s probably one area that could still do with a bit of TLC – the garden shed.

English back garden Shed and paved area

It might not seem like the most pressing job on your to-do list, but if you have easy access to your tools, you’re much more likely to keep on top of the gardening. Roll up your sleeves and ensure that everything is in its rightful place and you’ll get more out of your garden with less effort.

Say goodbye to any old, broken or unused tools and make sure there’s plenty of room for all the bits you’ll need to restore your garden to a tidy state. Treat your lawnmower to a clean or a service and ensure your gardening gloves are ready to go!

3. Landscaping

You may not be happy with your garden even if it’s all clear and ready to use. If you find yourself uninspired by your outdoor space, it may be time to redesign it.

You’ll be amazed at the difference a professional landscaper can make! Make sure you get quotes from a few companies or ask friends for recommendations. Have a look online for garden designs and go into it with a few ideas of your own. Only you know how you will use the space, so it has to work for you!

4. Plant refresh

Perhaps landscaping is a step too far for what you had in mind, but there’s still a way to shake up the feel of your garden. A new set of plants can change the style of your garden hugely.

Planting shrubs in the garden

If you’re taking on this task, you’ll want to renew your soil. When you’ve made space and have fresh soil in place, taking a new direction with the plants you use and changing from a formal or informal planting structure can really make a big difference.

You can also take this opportunity to set up composting in your garden, which is a great way to recycle your food waste and it also improves your soil quality.

5. Outdoor cooking space

If you love cooking in your garden and you’re feeling hopeful about the UK weather, there’s loads of great cooking tools you can install on top of your standard issue BBQ.

  • Spice things up by adding a pizza oven to your arsenal for those chargrilled Italian feasts!
  • Install a firepit to add flare to your summer meals – and it’s great fun to cook on one!

Whatever you want to cook, doing it in your garden is generally more enjoyable so be sure to get your outdoor eating area ready for use while the warm weather is here!

Make it easy on yourself…

Let’s face it, these garden projects take a lot of hard work and that’s before you start the endless trips to the tip just when you think you’ve finished! Take the stress out of it by hiring one of our versatile skips. Then simply throw it all in!

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