Meet Abbie Spratt, Customer Service Assistant

Abbie has recently joined TJ after completing her A levels. She’s keen to learn and is a strong advocate of excellent customer service, which makes her the ideal TJ employee. In her spare time Abbie enjoys walking her two dogs, Sprocker-Poo Dixie and Spoodle Hope.

Abbie SprattWhat does your role involve?

It’s really varied! My main duties include answering phone calls and replying to emails, dealing with enquiries from both new and existing customers, taking orders from people wishing to book skips, taking and processing payments over the phone, and sending out confirmation and update emails. My core purpose is to ensure excellent customer service for the customer’s entire journey.

What is your background?

I’ve just finished my A levels in sociology, media studies and English language. I’ve held part-time positions in customer service roles in the past and I really enjoy customer-facing roles so when I saw this job advertised I decided to apply. I’d heard of TJ and knew they were an interesting company and one I’d like to work for, so I went for it!

What are the most interesting parts of your role?

Skip hire is actually a very interesting subject in itself once you start learning about it. It’s been a real eye opener discovering all that’s involved, where the waste goes and how the processes work. I’ve visited two of TJ’s sites in Portsmouth including their materials recovery facility in Tipner where a lot of the waste gets taken to for sorting and recycling and it was truly fascinating! All the tasks involved in the role are really interesting and it’s a great learning curve for me.

What are the most challenging parts of your role?

Learning everything from scratch is very challenging! It’s not only my role and all the systems that I need to use to fulfil that role, but also learning about TJ as a company, the waste and transport industries that TJ operate within as well as getting to know the team and remembering everyone’s name! But these are good challenges!

What is your top work achievement?

One of my previous roles was as a Customer Service Representative at a restaurant chain. After just a short time, my skills were recognised and I was promoted to Head Customer Service Representative with additional responsibilities including training new members of staff. I was really pleased with that achievement!

Why is TJ a great place to work?

The people. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. They’ve all been so welcoming and happy to help me learn everything I need to learn and assist if I get stuck with something. It’s lovely.

What are your initial aims and aspirations?

I want to get really familiar with my role and learn as much as I can about all elements of it to increase my knowledge, efficiency and expertise. I’m really interested in the company and the industry so I’m keen to learn as much as I can about those as well.

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