REL Boarhunt

TJ is working with REL Boarhunt to remove and dispose of a large number of abandoned and discarded boats from the harbour.

Client background

REL Boarhunt is a local company providing garage, rescue and recovery services in the Hampshire area. They are based in Fareham where they have a large, well-equipped workshop providing outstanding value on MOT, servicing and mechanical repairs on cars and vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes. Boarhunt is renowned as one of the most well-established and respected rescue and recovery businesses in the south. They operate a versatile fleet ranging from service vans to large heavy recovery vehicles, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The requirement

Boarhunt was approached by a third party organisation to assist them with the removal of up to 60 abandoned boats that had been left in an area of the harbour. These boats were not permitted to be there and needed to be removed, which is a service that Boarhunt is well-equipped to carry out. 

They were in need of a place in which to dispose of the boats, and so they contacted TJ Waste to find out if this was something we could help with.

The solution

We assured Boarhunt that this was something we could assist with. We advised them that if they were to transport the recovered boats to our Tipner Materials Recovery Facility in Portsmouth, we would be happy to receive them. From there, we would break down the boats into parts, separating the various materials and ensuring that each material is directed down the most appropriate recycling route for its type.

We are committed to diverting waste from landfill and endeavour to reuse or recycle up to 100% of the waste we handle. We work with a range of recycling partners, both in Hampshire and further afield, to ensure that as many materials as possible – even the traditionally tricky ones such as hard plastics – are sent down the best path.

The outcome

This project commenced in June and so far between 35 and 40 boats have been transported to Tipner for breaking down and recycling. 

Boarhunt’s Recovery Director Paul Spratt said: “We received a request to remove a large number of boats and rigs from Southsea and arrange end of life disposal. I visited the site and noted that there were around 75 boats to remove, though it was expected that some would be ‘claimed’ once removals started. 

“I approached TJ Waste for assistance as we have worked together in the past and have a very good working relationship. We currently collect and recover end of life caravans, transporting them to TJ Waste’s various sites on their behalf, and TJ provides skips for our Fareham depot whenever we require one. I met with TJ Waste’s General Manager, Luke Haskell, and together we created a disposal plan. Larger boats would be transported to TJ’s Tipner facility by us and smaller ones would go in a roll on roll off skip, delivered to site by TJ. 

Our client requested that the removals be staggered over a few months and we will soon be conducting our fourth removal day in two months. So far, approx. 35-40 boats have been moved and disposed of, whilst many others were moved to agreed mooring areas to prevent disposal. Working with TJ has been a simple process and I would not hesitate to work with them on a similar project in the future.”

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