SP Paving

Client background

SP Paving are paving specialists who are also skilled in many other areas of the construction industry such as installing patios, carrying out brickwork and groundworks, and building porches, garages and single storey extensions. The company has eight members of staff who are divided into three teams. These teams may work on individual jobs each week or together on bigger jobs as required. SP Paving was established in 2001 and has been successfully running for 18 years, growing along the way. SP have been working with TJ for 16 years and during that time a strong working relationship has developed.

The requirement

SP Paving have a need for large volumes of aggregates for use on their paving and construction projects across the Hampshire area. For the paving process alone, SP require sub-base materials for the base layer as well as sand for the layer directly beneath the paving slabs. For the many other construction projects they undertake, they also require a range of other aggregates such as building sand for bricklaying, grit sand for curbs, ballast for concreting and type 1 materials for sub-bases.

SP also require waste removal services for their many projects. They have a need for skips for some projects and grab hire for others.

The solution

TJ provide all of the required products and services for SP’s various projects. Every week TJ deliver tonnes of aggregates to SP’s sites to meet the needs of their projects. Whether they are laying a new paved driveway, carrying out groundworks or building a new garage, TJ provide the materials needed to get the job done.

TJ source and deliver building sand, sharp sand, ballast, type 1 crushed materials such as crushed concrete or crushed stone and other stone such as rock chalk.

As an example of the volume of materials that TJ provides to SP per project: for a 50m paved area, TJ would supply 6 tonnes of sharp sand and 20 tonnes of stone to fulfil that project. In addition to that, TJ would supply 2-3 muck away lorry loads to ensure a rounded service.

TJ provide on average 2-3 skips and 8-10 grabs per month, but the numbers will of course depend on the type and size of jobs being undertaken.

Any challenges?

As 90% of the jobs that SP undertake are for domestic customers, access for skip and grab hire can sometimes be an issue. In these instances SP will simply use their own tipper trucks to remove the waste from the site and take it to TJ’s Tipner-based Materials Recovery Facility for weighing in, processing and wherever possible, recycling.

The outcome

SP are extremely happy with the range of services that TJ have provided over the past 16 years. They have a strong working relationship and SP’s every need is accommodated.

TJ continuously supply aggregates and waste removal services to SP in a timely manner, always delivering the required materials and services at the agreed time. SP can rely on TJ for all these materials and services and they’re great value for money too. TJ respond quickly to requests and can turn things around extremely quickly – next day if needed.

A few words about TJ

“I receive an A1 service all the time. We have an excellent working relationship and TJ always bends over backwards to ensure I get everything I need, when I need it. TJ are extremely good value for money and they go out of their way to accommodate me. TJ are known for their great customer service and it’s clear to see why – nothing’s a problem for them, they just get it done. I’d recommend them to everyone because they’re reliable and I trust them 100%. I’ve been working with them for 16 years now, so they must be doing something right!”

Shane Parfoot, Owner of SP Paving

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