Toshiba Tec UK Imaging Systems

Client background

Toshiba Tec helps companies become more profitable, efficient and eco-friendly by transforming the way they capture, manage, display and share information. As part of a trusted and widely respected global network, they offer unrivalled expertise and a cutting-edge range of technology. They also ensure this technology is fully integrated and seamlessly streamlined by offering a range of business services that include managed IT services, process optimisation, visual communications and managed print services.


Sustainability is a key part of Toshiba’s corporate philosophy. Their aim is to achieve a low carbon footprint in order to sustain the environment as much as they can. Toshiba champions their own unique carbon zero scheme. Working in partnership with CO2balance, they’ve worked out what emissions each of their devices use and they offset those carbon emissions by purchasing ‘carbon credits’.

These credits go towards community-based environmental projects in the developing world, Africa in particular. They assist people in improving their lives and their health by providing low carbon solutions and helping them to do the things many of us take for granted, such as going to work or school.

The requirement

Toshiba Tec were in need of a waste management company to take care of their recycling waste streams as well as their confidential waste.

TJ tendered for the contract, stating that they are a friendly, local firm and putting forward competitive pricing, details of their sustainable waste practices, management information, contract management/service level agreement and they won the contract.

The solution

TJ collects bags of mixed recycling from Toshiba Tec’s offices in Surrey once a week. They also collect the confidential waste approximately every six weeks when the bag is full. Toshiba Tec has a number of recycling bins dotted around the offices, accepting paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans and tins. Toshiba removed individual desk bins some time ago to encourage staff to recycle more.

TJ collects the recyclables and these are taken back to one of their Materials Recovery Facilities, where the recyclables will be separated and sent on into separate recycling streams.

TJ provides 50-litre secure bags for the confidential waste documents. Once full, TJ collects the bag on their next scheduled pick-up and provides a fully verified certificate of destruction shortly after, providing total peace of mind that data has been disposed of responsibly.

Any challenges?

Toshiba reported that there haven’t been any issues with TJ’s service during the eight years they’ve been employing them. They were particularly impressed that TJ maintained a continuous and seamless service during the coronavirus lockdown periods, remaining flexible and adaptable to their requirements throughout the whole year.

The outcome

Toshiba Tec are extremely happy with all aspects of the service that TJ provides for them. They have confidence that TJ is doing all they can to contribute to a lower carbon footprint which is essential to them as an organisation.

They were particularly impressed with the personable service provided by TJ’s driver, Phil, who always undertakes Toshiba Tec’s collections.

Bernadette Russell, Office Services Manager, said: “Our thanks goes to the TJ driver who does the collections each week, he’s ever such a pleasant, helpful gent and he’s much appreciated.”

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