Quay Building Services

Company background

Quay Building Services is a Hampshire-based company that takes on a wide variety of projects including small maintenance jobs, bespoke carpentry, house extensions, loft conversions, commercial jobs and more. They’ve been running for over two years and pride themselves on their high quality workmanship.

The requirement

Quay secured a job during the lockdown period to clear some offices in Portsmouth city centre. The Hippodrome in Guildhall Walk consists of four floors of office space which had to be completely stripped to enable architects to survey the premises.

In order to do this in the required five-week timescale, Quay had to have an effective waste management plan in place to ensure that the different types of waste generated could be disposed of at the appropriate time to allow the job to continue on schedule. Any backlogs would have caused delay to the job and falling behind was not an option.

The solution

Christian Cole, who established Quay Building Services, had used TJ’s waste management services before and was keen to work with them again. He got in touch with TJ’s General Manager, Luke Haskell, who he’d previously dealt with and arranged a meeting to go through the requirements.

Christian said:

“I’d liaised with Luke on some previous projects and wanted to work with him again as he was very helpful and knowledgeable. I like to deal with one person and Luke was always available and made the process easy. He offered guidance on all aspects of waste disposal which was a big weight off my mind.”

Luke advised Quay on the various options available to them and helped come up with a waste management plan that set out exactly what skips would be needed, at what points in the project and how the logistics of these would be successfully managed.

The challenge

The five-week timescale was very tight and non-negotiable so it was imperative that everything was completed on time. The skips had to be stored in a car park to the rear of the building which meant that only a few skips could be there at one time. TJ helped Quay plan the timing of the skips to ensure that they were positioned optimally for the type of waste that would be generated at that time. This meant that Quay were able to avoid a situation where they a full skip boxed in at the back unable to be emptied, which would have delayed the project and caused problems.

Throughout the course of the project, circumstances changed and waste needed to be removed at unexpected times, but TJ reacted to the evolving situation and always ensured that the concern was dealt with and what was needed was delivered with a very quick turnaround.

The outcome

TJ provided a range of skips throughout the project. They made sure that the correct skips were there when they were needed and that full ones were emptied to ensure no time was wasted.

At the start of the project Luke advised on the different types of skips that would be needed and Quay was grateful for this advice as it enabled a smooth waste disposal process. Throughout the duration of the project Quay utilised 4 x 35-yard mixed waste skips, 2 plasterboard-only skips, 6 mixed waste skips and 2 mixed wood skips. In addition to that, Quay also used TJ’s grab hire service three times, which was extremely useful in keeping the site clear of waste at times when large volumes were generated.

Christian said:

“I opted for TJ because I trust them, I’ve had positive experiences of working with them in the past and I knew they could provide me with all that I needed with ease. They were operating throughout the coronavirus pandemic when some other companies weren’t and I knew they would be doing so safely, which was hugely reassuring.”

A few words about TJ:

“A huge thank you to Luke for sorting everything out for me. From his detailed advice and guidance, to his help with planning the timing and logistics of all of the skips, to his quick reactions when we needed something sorted out the same day, I really couldn’t have asked for more.”

For quotes you can contact Christian Cole at Quay Building Services on 07946 552049 or christian@quaybuildingservices.com.

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