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UK Remediation is a group of contaminated land specialists with a wide range of experience in brownfield development. With their head office in Bristol, they have hazardous and non-hazardous soil treatment facilities in Cornwall, Devon, and Hampshire. They’ve built a reputation for providing highly efficient, cost effective and environmentally sound contaminated land remediation services. They use their extensive knowledge, highly skilled staff and depth of expertise to successfully tackle an extensive range of projects.

They provide safe and trusted soil remediation services, either on-site or off-site at their soil treatment facilities. They complete each project on time, on budget and adhering to the strictest health and safety standards. Working with a range of clients from large contractors to environmental consultancies, groundworkers to property developers and local authorities, UK Remediation is ready to solve any contaminated land problem their clients are facing.


UK Remediation has been working with TJ for many years. As a Bristol-based company, when they decided that they wanted to expand and open a treatment facility in Hampshire, they started searching for a site that would be suitable for this purpose.

TJ’s site in Harts Farm Way, Havant, was one of the sites they identified and its space, accessibility and their established relationship with TJ made it their first choice. A contract was signed making UK Remediation TJ’s official tenant. They moved into the site in 2019 and have been operating successfully there ever since. They made the site fit for purpose by installing and setting up a site office, automated weighbridge facilities, QR testing, and screening, processing and loading machinery.

As a remediation company working with a range of clients to process inert soil and other non-hazardous aggregates, UK Remediation struck up a secondary working relationship with TJ, a haulage company, which worked both ways.

TJ uses UK Remediation’s services when they have aggregates that need to be processed either on behalf of their clients or as part of their own groundworks projects. UK Remediation in turn utilises TJ’s services for haulage and muckaway, both for themselves and their clients as and when required.


This two-way partnership continues to work well, with UK Remediation making use of TJ’s fleet of tipper trucks on a regular basis. Sometimes TJ transports materials from site to UK Remediation, which is recorded as haulage services. At other times UK Remediation will employ TJ to remove the processed aggregates from their site and divert them down appropriate routes which is classed as a muckaway service.

TJ has a range of routes for responsibly reusing and repurposing such materials to divert from landfill and our many contacts and outlets make this possible.


Remediation Manager Michala Slavikova said: “TJ’s Commercial & Operations Manager, Paul Smith takes care of the big haulage jobs for us. Paul has always been extremely efficient in his service to us, providing fast quotes and feedback and is always contactable. His efficiency has been very helpful to our business as we promise client quotes within 24 hours and as Paul always provides quotes within a couple of hours, it enables us to pass these onto clients in good time. He’s always available, willing to help and gives 100% – he’s a great person to work with.”

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