Get rid of your rubble…

Calling all construction companies, contractors and those in the building industry! Do you need an outlet for your rubble and hardcore? We’re happy to take it off your hands free of charge! You can drop your unwanted concrete, bricks, paving slabs and stone off anytime at our registered waste site near Petersfield during opening hours and as often as you need to.

Many places charge per bag to dispose of this type of waste, so TJ could hold the ideal solution for your business going forward. Simply bring your hardcore waste along to TJ’s Butser Quarry, which is located on the A3 at Petersfield, GU31 5SP. We’re open 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

To unload, you simply need to hold a waste carrier’s licence and be wearing a hard hat, hi-vis top and steel toed boots to ensure your safety. Social distancing regulations will be adhered to at all times on site.

Which materials will be accepted?

  • Rubble / hardcore, consisting of concrete, bricks, paving slabs and stone
  • Asphalt

What will it be used for?

We will crush the hardcore and use it to make several recycled aggregates that we produce in-house. These include:

6F5 crushed concrete

6F5 crushed concrete is a recycled general fill aggregate. It is an ‘as crushed’ product that is most commonly used for capping, laid over terram to raise and level natural ground ready for a Type 1 sub base.

Type 1 crushed concrete

Type 1 crushed concrete is a recycled crushed aggregate graded to the Department of Transport’s Specification for Highway Works, clause 803. This aggregate is screened from 6F5 Crushed Concrete to produce a graded, cost effective sub base for construction projects of all sizes.

Type 1 Reclaimix®

Type 1 Reclaimix® is our own innovative product. It’s a blend of primary Type 1 Limestone or similar and recycled Type 4 aggregate. It is mostly used as a sub base for projects such as block paving and asphalt driveways, pavements and roads.

Why dispose of your hardcore with TJ?

  • It will allow you to dispose of your unwanted hardcore quickly, easily and free of charge.
  • It enables TJ to gather hardcore waste for a good use rather than it going to landfill.
  • TJ uses the hardcore to make their recycled aggregates, which are a great alternative to primary ones for certain uses, preserving our primary materials for where they’re needed most.

Learn more about Butser Quarry or get in touch if you have any queries about the process.

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