Rose Road Association

TJ is a keen supporter of the Rose Road Association and has been working in partnership with them since TJ’s Managing Director, John Gosling, became aware of the great work they do nine years ago.

Client background:

The Rose Road Association is a charity that makes a positive difference to the lives of young people with disabilities. It provides direct care services including respite breaks, community outreach, holiday activities and advice for over 300 children and young adults with severe physical disabilities, learning difficulties, and/or autism. Based in Southampton, they also work across Hampshire and the surrounding counties and have been providing these services for 70 years.

The requirement:

Rose Road is always looking to form new partnerships with individuals and organisations who would like to support them. So when TJ’s Managing Director, John Gosling, was told about the charity and the great fundraising events they organise, he was immediately interested. As an avid sportsman, John was keen to take part in the events to help raise money for the charity and so the partnership was formed.

The solution:

In 2013, John undertook his first sporting event, the relay marathon, to raise money for Rose Road. Over the years, he has completed the Great South Run, the ABP Marathon and the London Marathon for them. He, and other members of the TJ team have also taken part in the charity’s annual triathlon event and attended dinner dances.

TJ Waste also started providing support in 2013. Over the years, they’ve made many donations to different fundraisers as well as donating skips whenever a skip was needed. Skips have been used for clearing out donations that they were unable to store during the pandemic (donations that would usually have been sold at events), for clearing debris when work has been carried out at their premises or gardens, and for waste disposal during fundraising events.

Most recently, TJ pledged £300 to Rose Road’s Big Give Project, which in turn went on to generate a total of £6,000 from community donations. The project was launched last year to support the mental health of the children and young people under their care in the wake of the COVID lockdowns. The money has enabled the charity to re-integrate their young people into the community and to regain skills they lost during that time of isolation.

Over the nine years, John has raised over £8,000 with his sponsored sporting events, and TJ has raised almost £10,000.

The outcome:

Rose Road Senior Fundraising Manager, Beth Rogers said: “TJ has provided us with outstanding support over the past nine years; they’ve always helped us when we’ve needed it and in the way that we’ve needed it at the time. They’ve provided emotional support by taking part in fundraising events beside us, as well as flexible, practical help by donating skips every time we’ve needed them.

“In addition to that, they also raise awareness about the work we do amongst their partners throughout the Hampshire area, which is incredibly valuable to us. Not to mention that the £18,000 John and TJ have collectively raised for us has made a huge difference to our families.”

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