10 reasons to become a TJ driver…

As an employer in the southern region, we’re one of the best. We treat our staff well and we do all we can to ensure our employees are happy working for us. As a company, our reputation goes before us. TJ is a household name – everyone recognises our trademark blue lorries and has heard our catchy jingle on the radio!

We’re suppliers of services across the haulage and waste industries and work in partnership with prominent national construction supply companies, infrastructure providers and local authorities. We’re a trusted partner and known for our professionalism and reliability. Read on to discover the top 10 reasons why you should consider becoming a TJ driver…

1. CPC in-house trainer

We have our own in-house CPC trainer, Lee Downer, who is also our Fleet Manager so his knowledge is extensive. Lee gained his CPC trainer qualification nine years ago and went onto manage the process of getting TJ Transport approved as a training centre. This means that all CPC training can be done on-site by Lee rather than drivers having to go off-site and complete separate training programmes elsewhere. This allows drivers to undertake the training at their convenience and within the required timeframe without any hassle.

2. Investing in our staff

We truly value our staff and make a point of taking notice and recognising potential. We provide an on-going CPD programme for each and every staff member, providing them with not only the necessary training that they need to do their job, but also additional qualifications where willingness to learn is demonstrated.

3. A long-term career with TJ

At TJ, it’s more than just a job, we’re offering you the chance to shape a career with us. We’re building a team we’re happy with and we want you to stay with us for the long term. We offer good pay, good conditions and a chance to undertake training and do well in your role.

4. Pay and perks

As well as paying our drivers up to £12 an hour, we also pay set contracted hours of 50 per week. Our drivers are all scheduled to work five 10-hour shifts per week and even if they do not work the full 10 hours each day (if for example they are told to clock off before the 10 hours are done), they will still be paid for that amount. Anything worked over and above the 50 hours will be paid as overtime at the rate of time and a half. Please note that the maximum number of hours per week is 60 in line with legislation.

There are other payments our drivers are entitled to as well – such as if they travel somewhere for work and need to stay overnight in their cab, they will earn a subsistence bonus of £22.50. There is also a £25 night shift bonus for drivers starting their shift from 5pm onwards.

In addition to pay, all TJ employees enjoy a number of other perks including paid annual leave, a pension scheme, team away days (when not restricted by COVID), free parking, free tea/coffee and the ability to utilise the company’s services at cost, such as skip hire.

5. Less admin!

2020 saw us migrate to a new software system where everything is stored in one place, improving in-house communication and operational processes infinitely. This new system, called Fissara Move, is utilised by office workers on their desktop computers and by drivers via Samsung tablets, which are used much like cab phones.

The driver is able to do all their daily tasks using the tablet – from receiving work instructions and confirming client jobs have been completed, to reporting the results of their daily vehicle checks. It’s all done electronically and is instantaneous, which has led to greatly reduced daily admin for the drivers and even better – no paperwork to worry about! Receipts, invoices and waste transfer notes are all now provided electronically.

6. Dynamic employer

We continually have new projects on the horizon, which makes us a dynamic and exciting employer to work for. In the last year alone, we have secured a significant contract with the UK’s largest supplier of construction materials, Tarmac, signed a £7.2m contract with Southampton City Council to undertake their commercial waste disposal and we’ve also become an approved haulier for the renowned HS2 project. We’re also highly invested in the campaign to reduce plastic pollution and actively involved in the fight against fly-tipping, two very prominent issues at the moment.

7. Modern, efficient fleet

TJ’s vehicles are replaced or renewed after five years to ensure our fleet is efficient and up to date. Due to the volume of vehicles, the renewal process is continuous and the new vehicles are arriving with more and more extras that are helpful to our drivers. Safety features include: automatic tailgates, a 6-point CCTV system, front and rear strobes, audible left turn warning, side scanner sensors and weigh loaders.

8. Prioritising safety

We prioritise staff and client safety in all we do. Throughout the pandemic we have gone out of our way to ensure drivers are able to use the same vehicle each day wherever possible, to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

We also hold an annual staff safety event every January, which usually involves us delivering four days of training to keep staff up to date on safety practices in general and those specifically relevant to their roles. This year the learning went online due to the pandemic.

As part of TJ’s commitment to managing work related road risk (WRRR), particularly regarding vulnerable road users such as cyclists, TJ created its Cycle Safe Campaign in 2016 to raise awareness of the issue and to reduce the HGV / cyclist dangers.

9. Company values

Excellence. Delivered safely.

That’s our slogan and it highlights that we value excellence in everything we do and that safety is at the top of our priority list. As a transport company, TJ is always concerned with road, equipment and site safety to ensure the welfare of customers, staff and the public at all times.

Excellent customer care

TJ prioritises customer service over everything else. Ensuring that our customers get everything they need and desire from the service they’ve sought is what every employee strives to deliver. TJ’s Feefo Platinum Service Award is testament to this.

Staff wellbeing

TJ recognises the importance of happy, healthy staff. The management has successfully created a team-oriented environment that enables employees to pull together at busy times and support each other when needed.

10. Accreditations

We have many accreditations to our name and we’ve won a number of awards and accolades in recent years.

FORS Silver Status

We hold this impressive accolade, which demonstrates that our operating levels are extremely high and that we go the extra mile to provide a top quality service. To maintain Silver Status, TJ drivers have to complete the following training:
– a range of yearly e-learning courses
– Safe Urban Driving – carried out five-yearly, this involves drivers spending time on bikes to experience lorries from a cyclist’s perspective.
– MPQC – carried out five-yearly, this is accredited by the MPQC and deals with site safety awareness and vulnerable road user training.

Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award

We recently won this award for the second year running. The award is an independent seal of excellence that recognises businesses for delivering exceptional experiences, as rated by real customers. Feefo awards Platinum status to businesses who have achieved the Gold standard for three consecutive years, which TJ has. The Feefo Gold Trusted Service award recognises those who have collected at least 50 Feefo reviews in a year, and have achieved a service rating of at least 4.5.

Earned recognition scheme

TJ Transport is preparing to apply for the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme, which gives companies operating heavy goods vehicles the chance to earn themselves blue OCRS status and lets DVSA inspectors know that they operate to extremely high standards and do not need to be stopped at the roadside for inspections.

If you’re interested in joining our team of drivers, please get in touch!

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