Our guide to tipping with TJ

For commercial businesses, tipping unwanted materials is part of the job. At TJ, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to access the services you need, saving you time as well as a bit of money with our competitive rates.

Whether you’ve recently set up your own business or you simply haven’t tipped with us before, read our guide to find out all you need to know about tipping with TJ…

Waste carrier’s licence

To tip at any site, users must hold a waste carrier’s licence if tipping for commercial and business purposes. These include businesses transporting their own waste and those transporting waste on behalf of others.  To register for one, visit gov.co.uk. The application process is quick and easy and can all be done online. There are two different tiers that your business could fall into – please visit the link above for full details on these. Please note that anyone caught transporting waste without a waste carrier’s licence is subject to a fine of up to £5,000.

Where can you tip?

We have three Materials Recovery Facilities dotted along the south coast that welcome third party tipping from commercial customers. These are located in Dibles Wharf, Southampton, Pounds Yard, Portsmouth, and Northwood Farm, Yapton. You can also tip rubble, hard core and asphalt at our Butser Quarry near Petersfield.

What happens upon arrival?

Upon arrival at your chosen site, wearing full PPE; hard hard, hi-vis and safety boots, you should report to our weighbridge to be advised on the rules and regulations and to register the vehicle’s gross weight onto our ticketing system. You and your vehicle will then be directed to the point of entry and the waste acceptance area by our banksman on the ground. Once given the signal, you can proceed to unload your waste. 

On completion you will be guided back to our weighbridge where your vehicle’s weight will be recorded and the final tonnage of waste calculated ready for payment on site. We accept cash and card payments. Once payment has been made, an official waste transfer note is printed and handed to you for your records, providing evidence of legal and compliant waste disposal.

What are the charges?

Our charges are dependent on the tonnage and the type of the waste, however, all are subject to a minimum of ½ tonne charge. Please check our price list for the full details

What materials can and can’t be tipped? 

Most materials can be tipped at our Materials Recovery Facilities. Approved materials include:

  • Wood
  • Cement
  • Rubble
  • Tiles
  • Bricks
  • Plasterboard
  • Electrical cabling
  • Metal
  • Glass windows and window frames
  • Old kitchens – cupboards, worktops, sinks, and appliances such as ovens, hobs and extractors 
  • Old bathroom suites
  • Flooring – lino, laminate, underlay and carpets
  • Garden toys and furniture
  • Garden waste
  • Mattresses

These materials cannot be routinely tipped, but please get in touch so we can advice you on the additional charges:

  • Fridge-freezers
  • LCD screens
  • Materials containing asbestos
  • Paints and hazardous liquids

Where will your waste go?

We’re dedicated to diverting waste from landfill and we endeavour to recycle up to 100% of the waste we handle. We have established recycling routes for a wide range of materials from the standard card, paper, wood metal and plastic bottles, to the more tricky materials such as rubble, hard plastics, mattresses and fridges. Any materials that cannot be reused or recycled are directed down the Energy from Waste (EfW) path wherever possible.

We process all materials in line with WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) protocol. WRAP’s mission is to accelerate the move to a sustainable, resource-efficient economy by re-inventing how we design, produce and sell products, re-thinking how we use and consume products, and re-defining what is possible through reuse and recycling.

Waste transfer notes

We will provide you with a waste transfer note for every load you tip with us. This not only reassures you that we are responsibly disposing of your waste in the most appropriate ways, but it will also provide you with a paper trail so you can prove you have disposed of your waste in the correct way.

Why choose TJ?

  • We are a reliable, family-run business with a reputation for excellence.
  • We’re a reputable company and well known in the southern region. We always handle and dispose of all waste responsibly, ensuring it is directed down the correct route each and every time to ensure that it ends up where it should.
  • We have a network of partners that we use to dispose of the different materials correctly and safely. We work with companies that are able to treat certain materials to make them safe for onward disposal and we ensure that the correct route is taken every time, providing evidence for both our records and the clients’.
  • Our entire fleet is modern and safe. Road safety and keeping our fleet in the best possible condition are amongst our top priorities. All of our vehicles are part of a continual renewal and maintenance scheme so that they are always well looked after and safe on the roads. Our drivers conduct daily safety checks at the start of their shifts, with any faults being reported immediately. All of our vehicles are fitted with safety equipment including 360 camera systems, high-visibility signage and beacons, and audible left turn signals.

Get in touch if you have any further questions about third party tipping, or find your nearest TJ facility today…

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